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Parent Involvement

Parents and guardians of students at Cub Run Elementary School are invited and encouraged to be involved in school-wide decision making and volunteering in classrooms in order to provide a strong home/school partnership in meeting the needs of our students.
A strong parent volunteer program has been established to provide opportunities for volunteers to assist classroom teachers and students. An orientation program provides parents and guardians with information regarding volunteer procedures. Volunteers are required to adhere to board policy that relates to parent volunteer activities.
Activities conducted in schools to increase parental involvement are a vital, important part of school-wide programs. In recognition that the parent is the child’s first and most important teacher, and that the parent’s continued involvement is necessary for the success of the child, Cub Run Elementary School is committed to building a strong parent-school partnership.
1.      To support the parent-school partnership, parent involvement shall include, but not be limited to, parent help in planning, sharing new ideas, and evaluating the Title I school-wide program.
2.      To accomplish this partnership, parents shall be provided the following:
·        Timely information and opportunities to attend meetings
·        Notices to review their child’s assessment results
·        A description of the leaning curriculum, testing used to measure student progress, and the level of proficiency students are expected to achieve
·        Materials that will assist them to help their child achieve at their potential
·        A timely response to any parent suggestions
Cub Run Elementary School will strive to keep parents involved by:
  • Educating school staff, with assistance of parents, on how to reach out and to communicate with and work with parents as equal partners
  • Ensuring that information that is sent home is in a language that the parents will understand
  • Providing programs and activities through the Preschool program and the Family Resource Center where parents can learn about child development and child rearing from birth
  • Developing appropriate roles for community-based organizations and encouraging partnerships with the other elementary schools and high school in the county